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Watch True Blood Season 5 Episode 1 Premiere Online Full Stream Megavideo HD

Watch True Blood Season 5 Episode 1 Premiere Online Full Stream Megavideo HD

Wednesday, 06. June 2012

Watch True Blood Season 5 Episode 1 Premiere online Full Episode Here

By truebloodseason5episode01, 15:43

True Blood Season 5 Episode 1 Premiere The Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries by Charlaine Harris (that the popular HBO show True Blood is based on) is my absolute favorite book series. Book four of the series, Dead To the World,  is my favorite of the Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries. So, I was extra excited about the True Blood season four premiere because this season will be a (loose) adaptation of my favorite book in the series, and I decided to post weekly episode recaps in honor of this season being an adaptation of that book! So beware if you haven’t seen this weeks episode yet, because spoilers are ahead!
True Blood, Season Four Episode One:  “She’s Not There”

Warning. Spoilers ahead!

True Blood Season 5 Episode 1 Premiere As season 4 of True Blood opens we find Sookie in fairyland where the fairies are eating all sorts of fancy light fruit. She’s in the middle of socializin’ up a storm with  all the fairies.  She sees Barry the Bellboy(!) there. Apparently he’s a fairy too. Sookie notices that the fruit is making everyone behave strangely and abstains from the magic apples. She then sees her grandaddy who she hasn’t seen in 20 years gobbling down a gilded, glowing apple. Cut to theme song.

During the theme I’m wondering: Has Grandaddy been in fairy land eating the icky apples for the past two decades? Why don’t the men in fairyland have shirts? Why isn’t Sookie freakin’ out about being in fairyland? How long has Barry the Bellboy been down there chowing down True Blood Season 5 Episode 1 Premiere ?

End theme. We see Sookie filling Grandaddy in on the past 20 years. She tells him that Gran passed away peacefully (If being murdered by a psychopath is peaceful). She also fills him in on her parents’ death. She then sees a weird ugly fairy ghoul thing. She tries warning Grandaddy that she thinks it’s a trap with her mind.

Turns out the fairies can read her mind too. Out comes crazy fairy bitch Mab. Mab tells her she didn’t cotton to Sookie letting Bill get his horny fangs into her and that fairies can’t be sharing their blood with vamps. Tsk. Tsk. She then gets kind of scary and tries to make Sookie eat some fruit. Mab says something about it’s time to harvest. Sookie takes it to True Blood Season 5 Episode 1 Premiere mean they want to harvest humans. Mab says, “Eat it” in a scary, guttural voice with her mind and her fairy goons try to hold Sookie down. At this point I’m like WTF is going on?!! Sookie then does the crazy shooting light out of her hand thing and hits Mab with it. Mab is thrown back into a tree.

Then a huge change occurs. Instead of the super glamorous Fae. Everyone turns into decidedly unglamorous, dirty, nasty fae. The scenery is no longer beautiful. Instead of being surround by lush trees in a beautiful courtyard. It is now a barren wasteland.  Have the fae been revealed for what they really are? Perhaps. This scares the shit out of Sookie, Grandaddy and Barry. They make a run for it. Some renegades pull them over for cover and a hand light throwing battle ensues. Dirt and True Blood Season 5 Episode 1 Premiere rock are flying everywhere. I’m confused. I think we may have lost Barry… A renegade fairy (Is this Claude from the books? I’m confused.) tells Sookie that Mab wants to seal fairyland off from the human world and that Sookie needs to jump off a cliff to get back to the human realm. (BTW So far this season is not doing it for me… I am SO confused about the fairy storyline. is Barry the Bellboy dead?!!)

Sookie and Grandaddy jump and land back in Bon Temps. Grandaddy ate too much of the light fruit, so he becomes ill. He gives Sookie a pocket watch to give to Jason. Grandaddy dies. So long Grandaddy. Have True Blood Season 5 Episode 1 Premiere fun explainin’ to Gran where you’ve been for 20 years! Sookie cries.

Sookie goes to her house. It’s being painted. The painter tells her to leave. She’s not supposed to be there. She sits in the kitchen and cries. Jason, who is now a cop, comes. He starts crying and says Sookie’s been missing. She finds out she’s been missing 12 and half months. Everyone thought she was dead. (Holy shit!) Jason sold Gran’s house while she was gone. But he did everything to try to find her. (He even made a website! Wheee! )She tells him where she was. Jason says if she tells people she was with fairies they’ll put her in the looney bin. (For once he makes a little sense.) She tells Jason about Grandaddy being in fairyland and passing away. She gives Jason the watch.

True Blood Season 5 Episode 1 Premiere Bill shows up. He is ecstatic that Sookie’s alive. He senses that she was with Claudine. Bill says he thought she was dead. Eric immediately shows up too.  He says he knew she wasn’t dead and that while everyone else gave up on her, he never did. (Hell yeah! This season just got a lot better!) Eric leaves.

The police show up. A bunch of boring non-Eric related stuff happens, but I guess I’ll tell you about it. Andy shows up. Bill mentions that Sheriff Andy thought Bill killed Sookie. Andy is irate that she left town without telling anyone where she went. Jason’s thinking on his feet. He’s good at that, right? He says Sookie was out of town working for him on top secret vampire business. Bill backs them up. Says he will repay the police department for their search efforts after they clear his name. Andy and Jason leave.

True Blood Season 5 Episode 1 Premiere Sookie and Bill are alone. Sookie tells him she is still heartbroken. Bill goes home. Cut to Jason and Andy. Andy is apparently on V now. (*groans*)

Cut to Lafayette and Jesus. Lafayette has an awesome mohawk! they are going in to meet a coven. Lafayette’s mentions something that alludes to Jesus possibly having had a problem being addicted to magic. Lafayette doesn’t seem to want to be there. A woman named Monique seems to be the leader. I think she might be a trouble maker. Monique channels vampire Eddie that used to help Lafayette deal V. Lafayette is freaked.